Product Detail
Liquid detergent mixing tank
Price: Please contact the salesman
Model: LM-500L/1000L/2000L/5000L
material: Sanitary SS316 & SS304
Brand: LM
Original: 0.00




> Feature <

  • 1. The machineis equipped with frequency control, can be used for producing high qualityproducts

    with different kinds of process.

  • 2. Diversified,mix the solid and liquid completely, it can dissolve the AES/AESA/LSA etcquickly inthe

    liquid detergent production, save the energy, shorten theproduction period.

  • 3. The boileris made from three layers of imported stainless steel, the tank and pipe adoptsmirror

    polishing, which can meet the GMP standard completely.

  • 4. Accordingto different process, the tank can heat and cool the material, there are two heating

    method, electric or steam heating, convenient to discharge thematerial, can discharge directly,

    or with the transfer pump.